Wednesday, March 16, 2005

My Next Stop...

Still sick, with voice mostly gone. Must work anyway, but I did see the doctor yesterday. My doctor, Laura Fisher, is a real gem and a lovely person. Thomas arrives in Sao Paulo this morning, after a 32-hour bus ride from Buenos Aires. Note also that my friend Peter is now regularly posting to his interesting blog. Finally, Garth is buried in New Mexican snow, just 48 hours after short-sleeve weather.

So I crawled into bed last night at 8pm and watched some DVD, including two very good Twilight Zone episodes. I still love these. Beautifully acted, directed, and scripted, capturing the early 60s (my earliest memories) in stark black-and-white images. Also, haunting orchestral background music, predating the synthesizer age.

Last night's episodes were "The Four Of Us Are Dying," about a man who can change his face at will, and "Two," about an American man and a Russian woman who are the sole survivors of a nuclear war, meeting years afterward. A then-unknown Elizabeth Montgomery played the Russian woman.


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