Saturday, March 12, 2005

Ex-Sepia-tional Exhibit

Go take an art walk off a short (covered) pier!

Gregory Colbert's stunning "Ashes and Snow," consists of mostly Himalayan humans sharing space with exotic fauna, especially elephants. These beautiful large sepia-toned photographs on parchment-like material are finished in bee's wax. They're on display in a hangar-like temporary "nomadic" museum on Pier 54th at 13th St & Hudson River, quite a sight in itself, built partly from the shipping containers in which the other materials are moved between exhibits. This wonderful exhibit is haunting, touching, and lovely - worth the $12 admission Make sure to bundle up when you go, since it's colder inside this museum than it is outdoors. My friend Peter suggested this visit, and also informed me that Pier 54 is where the Titanic was scheduled to arrive on the voyage in which it sunk. We also stopped by the nearby Riverside Hotel, a transient affair where many Titanic survivors were quartered while they recovered.

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