Friday, February 04, 2005

Listen To What The Man Said...

"Cuz when I was single / my pockets did jingle / oh I wish I was single again..." - brother/sister avant-garde duo Fiery Furnaces, aka Matt and Eleanor Friedberger. Reknowned for 7-9 minute-long songs that shift texture, structure, and melody often, and overall quirkiness. Next project: an EP with their grandmother!

"How can you grow old, you were my tri-umph" - The Delays, two sets of Scottish brothers carrying the mantle of the Hollies and the Byrds. One of them is named Aaron. I saw them warm up for Franz Ferdinand back in September with Thomas.

"Happiness has a smell I inhale like a drug"
"I found music / and he found me" -
gay band/performance artists Hidden Cameras, a blast of erotic fresh air riding a Phil Spector-like Wall Of Sound, and led by Joel Gibb of Toronto, who I am excited that I am seeing in LA with Brian in just one week!

"I see.. in a garden.. fields in glass.. where the sun shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiines... fields in glass for everyone" - neo-60s mod-psychedelic revivalists
The High Dials, just a few hundred miles east of Hidden Cameras and their very different take on the decade of love.


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