Friday, February 18, 2005

I Think Of You, And Let It Go....

On my way to work, late as usual, I 'let go' of my birthday, literally, by releasing two helium party balloons into the air in between my building and the 23rd St subway entrance. Up, up, up, the balloons drifted and wafted, amazingly high for something that had just left my hands, up above my coop's 20 stories and the honking, rushing din of 8th avenue, smaller and smaller, then blown eastward until I could no longer discern them on the horizon.

Last night Thomas and I went to Tonic, a struggling small venue way down on Norfolk St in the Lower East Side. There, we saw Keren Ann (pictured left), a winsome chanteuse of Russian-Dutch extraction by way of Israel and Indonesia, sing her quietly sad, pretty repertoire in French and English. With her shy wisp of a voice, she projects intimacy with just enough distance, world-weary but not without humor and subtle playfulness. Her combo was lovely, including players of viola and french horn, as well as cute Jason, master of the synthesized keyboard as well as the xylophone (!)

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