Saturday, February 05, 2005

How Aaron and Deena Became Entertainment Junkies

I have to work this morning - my presentation for next week still isn't finished! Am off to Boston, overnight, tomorrow afternoon and will have dinner with Erik there. I had a nice dinner with Bart last night at a cozy seafood place on the Upper East Side.

NYT had some great obituaries yesterday. Max Schmelling, 99, the Nazi's great heavyweight boxing hope, who hated the Nazis, lost to Joe Louis in the 1936 Olypmics, and later hid Jews from the Gestapo during the war, went broke, and got rich selling Coca Cola. Brilliant actor/writer/civil rights leader Ossie Davis, the husband of Ruby Dee, died at 88 - check Ossie and Ruby out sometime in "Do The Right Thing," Spike Lee's high-water mark, an indelible snapshot of a 1989 New York fraught with racial tensions. Finally, Ernst Mayr died at 100 - the greatest evolutionary biologist since Darwin - and is probably already turning in his grave over US curricula and teaching practices..

You can also read older obituaries - Charles Schulz from 2000, Ethel Merman from 1984, and even Geronimo, from 1909!

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