Thursday, February 24, 2005

Hey there. Here's a review of my favorite book of 2004, which I wrote a few weeks back and saved:

Wry, Wistful, and Sung In Brogue

Meet my favorite book of the past two years, Julia Glass' smart, wry, honest, Booker-Prize-winning "Three Junes," which hops around in time, perspective, and location, etching out the complex relationships of a Scottish family whose gay, bookish son is exiled to Greenwich Village in the AIDS-stricken 1980s. Gourmet funerals, a sardonic dying opera critic, the last heir of a local newspaper, a pony-tailed avant garde photographer, veterinarians, artificial insemination, literary disillusionment, Lockerbie, all of these are but background details as the story focuses squarely on the thoughts, hopes, dreams, and failures of its central characters. Special bonus: the audio-CD is read by a charming young actor with a delicious Scottish brogue. I look forward to/am fearful of the movie version.

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