Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Happy Birthday, Day !

It's Day's birthday, and my pictures of her are still locked in my digital camera. So, instead, I'll salute Day with a beautiful photo of historic homes Charleston, South Carolina, since Day's family lived in the Carolinas, and Day's recommendation piqued my interest in spending a long weekend there one day. I've known Day longer than any other friend I have in New York - we met 23 years ago, just weeks before my 22nd birthday, during my first week at Manufacturers Hanover Trust, a company I stayed with for 20 years through countless mergers, downsizings, and name changes. Day was also my career counselor in 2003 when I was "between gigs." Day, like many of my close friends, is interested in all things cultural, and is a bit of a Hispanofile (actually she was once a professor of Spanish literature...)


Ah, Japan and Japan-imation: They set the standard for breathtaking, innovative imagery and stories with gut and heart that ring true. "Spirited Away," which I saw last week on DVD, was magnificent, and, with no intention of hype, I felt engrossed the way, as a kid, I was enthralled by "Willy Wonka" and "Wizard Of Oz." Don't miss out on this great experience - It left me hungry for me. It's the anti-Disney!. Note as well that the American actors who dubbed the cartoon for US audiences did a superb job.

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