Thursday, January 20, 2005

Brothers/Sisters Of The Envelope

Netflix Nation! This DVD mail-rental service delights both busy urbanites and cinephiles in the great heartland. For the former, no more late fees, you can keep the rented DVD weeks, months, until you have time to see it. You can, in fact, have 3-4 movies out simultaneously, for as long as you want. Out in the vast prairie, mountain, and desert, Netflix provides access to a vast library of classic, independent, and foreign films that Blockbuster just isn't going to stock.

Now, with Netflix's "Friends" feature, I know what my pals and my Mom are renting, and what they think of what they see, and vice versa! It allows, encourages you to grade the films you rent and those you've previously seen, with a click, on a scale of one to five stars. This way, they can zero in on your taste, and find the movies that you haven't seen yet.

Let's close with a cartoon:

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