Thursday, December 30, 2004

Relax, Don't Think About...
...The Way I Treat You... Part 2

Secrets Revealed, For You: At times it seems easier to visit the North Pole (pictured left) than to actually reach a human being when you need customer service! Today's Times sheds light on our plight in their Circuits section's lead article. Goodies include Amazon.com's elusive service number (800-201-7575), surprisingly simple tricks (some systems react only when you hit zero multiple times), and more complicated ones (looking up domain info at whois.com). Note there is a government website corporate index (pueblo.gsa.gov/crh/corpormain.shtml)that reveals many customer service numbers. Heck, I love to win a losing battle.

Today I'm off again, this time with my Mom, for an overnight trip across the Mexican border to Puerto PeƱasco, aka Rocky Point. Later, gator..

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