Tuesday, December 07, 2004

My Many Travel Statistics

I can't believe I'm flying to London tonight - another marathon business trip. I get to "see" Ireland - meaning tomorrow night, instead of crawling into bed, I hop the shuttle to Dublin for a client dinner and fly back to London Thursday at dawn's crack. Ireland will be my 34th foreign country - this jaunt will be my 84th foreign trip, my 25th European trip, and my 9th trip to the UK. This 5-day trip will make a total of 36 days outside of the US this year on 8 foreign trips, which means I'll have spent 10.6% of the year abroad. This is lower than average for the last 6 years (50 days abroad, 13.8% of the year abroad). My record, not counting living in Argentina, was in 1996, 8 trips, 74 days, and 20.3% or one-fifth of the year abroad.

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