Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Hop Across The Pond

Hey there. Arrived in London safe & sound, if a bit sleepy. Went straight to the office, where I used the bank's shower facilities and made myself presentable before joining my colleagues. And before that, a Starbucks 'skinny wet latte' across the street for £2.80 ($5.40). Pictured left: London's newest landmark, the pickle-like "gherkin" buidling in The City, London's equivalent of Wall St. My hotel's around here, too, but I don't check in until tomorrow. Tonight, flying to Ireland for dinner, back tomorrow early. Btw, I'll be on vacation from next Wednesday, Dec 15, until Monday, Jan 3. From Dec 15-22 I'll hang out in NY, relax, and enjoy the city. From Dec 23-Jan 3 I'll be out in Arizona with my family. Hope you're all well. I'll be checking my email (aaronetto@aol.com) regularly. Best, Aaron.

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