Thursday, December 09, 2004

Dinner In Dublin

My evening in Ireland was nicer than expected. Dublin, pictured left, is a lovely old city with narrow streets and historic buildings. Very laid back. And all decked out for Xmas. Our 'Irish' customer, actually an Argentine expatriate, had a mishap with our dinner reservation, at a very upscale restaurant with a very antiquated reservation system (an oversized, messy ledger book). Forced to dine elsewhere, we lucked into La Stampa, a huge but oddly cozy room with red walls, mirrors, paintings, and a high tin ceiling. Taxi drivers were very forthcoming with historical and cultural background. Locals, it seems, are fond of shopping expeditions to Northern Ireland, just 60 miles away and with lower sales taxes. Both Ireland and the UK are expensive with the euro at $1.35 and the pound at $2. Slept six hours last night, double what I slept the previous night. Finished Da Vinci Code despite loses the last two of 13 CDs of audiobook: I simply bought the paperback this morning and finished it on the plane back. Very satisfying and surprising ending. More later. Hopefully, I'll get an early and long night's sleep. Best, Aaron

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