Sunday, November 28, 2004

Truth Booth?

Last month in Park Slope, Brooklyn, while seeing Sondre Lerche at Southpaw (see Oct 20 post), I ventured into an apparently malfunctioning ye olde fashioned photo booth. Printed in smudged ink, with a poor focus, the four snapshots did manage to capture some spontaneity and playfulness. The hand in the third frame belongs to Kelly AuCoin, Brian's brother-in-law, who lives in Park Slope with Carolyn, Brian's sister. Carolyn, a longtime modern dancer, just began studying liminology, the freshwater equivalent of oceanography.

So today I wrap up three days with my family in Arizona. I arrive in Newark at a quarter to ten. Cabs to Newark are, excuse the expression, highway robbery - it comes to $65 when you add in two-way tolls and the tip. I've got to re-discover the airport bus when time is not of the absolute essence. The de-yuppification of Aaron S. Holsberg. : - )

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