Monday, November 15, 2004

Phallic Playdough :-)

Almost home! Had a lovely weekend with Andres, today, just a few meetings and the 9pm flight, which lands me at JFK tomorrow at 6am.

Last night we saw the most ridiculous show, the Argentine version of "Puppetry Of The Penis," in which two actors literally spend an hour molding their members and scroti into animals, flowers, household objects, and famous buildings! Proximity and good views were ensured by the small theatre size and an overhead video screen (and also the generous proportions of the actor on the right). I won't further describe the equipment except to confirm that neither of the two look Jewish... Ample audience participation only heightened the silliness. If this show has any brilliance, it lies perhaps in completely de-eroticizing male genitalia and thus making for a risqué but ultimately non-threatening family outing...

Happily, the tickets only cost $10.

Earlier, we went to a great exposition in a huge public space in the charming Palermo neighborhood called "Buenos Aires Thinks 2004," a bit of a science fair on nutrition, digestion, and many other topics. The highlight was a multimedia exhibit called "Buenos Aires 2050," the result of citizens that dared to envision the future even as their country's economy crumbled.

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