Tuesday, November 23, 2004

No Ruder Pest

Budapest. Budapest! My employer moved our tech help desk to Budapest (photo left). No more quick consultations. I must phone Budapest and they contact someone in my building to help - this adds about 2 hours to the process and much is lost in translation. The Budapestian is invariably technically clueless but insufferable perky.. : - )

More misanthropy. Yesterday, I was thrown from the D train and hurled onto the platform, where I landed on my butt. Gentleman wasn't pleased that I tried to enter the car with his baby carriage blocking most of the entrance. OK, should have seen that, but his subsequent non-verbal response seemed nonetheless a tad overdone. I stayed reasonably calm, responded with an well-deserved expletive, to which he made threatening facial gestures, at which point I opted for a door about three cars away...


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