Saturday, November 27, 2004

Mother Paraguay And Her Children

Hi again. Still in Arizona. Andres, my first boyfriend, recently returned to his native Paraguay for his younger sister Nancy's wedding (picture below), and took some great pictures. Andres, who has lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina since age 10 and is now an Argentine citizen, was born in Encarnacion, Paraguay, on the Argentine border. Back in the 1960s Encarnacion was still without electricity - landlocked and isolated Paraguay is an impoverished, agricultural region several decades behind Argentina or Brazil. Paraguay is about the size and population of New Mexico, much smaller than its neighbors. Andres' mother supported her family by tilling the soil, and there were nights that the family went to bed with empty stomachs. The woman pictured above is a close friend of Andres' mother, who died several years ago in Buenos Aires. Andres' mother, despite her sad and difficult life, was extremely amused to see me run away scared from a little bee. In Paraguay, she had kept bees. She was laughing about this for several weeks afterward, and I am happy to this day for bringing some joy into her life. : - )

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