Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Chocolates In My Pockets

Work is raining on me from all sides, a literal mud slide. I'm having a Lucy-at-the-chocolate-factory kind of day (picture right).

Bang Bang: In Brazil we were actually driven around in cars with bulletproof windows, which were also un-openable. I think they're really exaggerating with the security. I do not consider Sao Paulo any more dangerous than NY was in the 1970s, maybe even less so. Equally idiotic: having investors driven from the bank to the hotel, three blocks away, requires cars to take a hour-long detour through bumper-to-bumper traffic! When I insisted on getting out and walking, the driver, a security man, initially refused. Our comprise was that he parked the car and personally walked me to the hotel. It felt like wearing a spacesuit to the beach...


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