Sunday, October 03, 2004

Where The Sun Hits The Sky...

Another crisp, cloudless, autumn day in NY... My weekend, delightful and interesting so far. Last night, I had the thrill of watching Supergrass perform 20 feet in front of me at Webster Hall, with my pal Thomas, to an enthusiastic crowd of 300.(meaning Thomas watched it with me, not that he performed with the band... :-). These precocious lads, who fill stadiums in their native UK, are celebrating 10 years and four solid albums of clever, melodic rock that combines influences as diverse as Buzzcocks, Stones, Jam, John Lennon, and Madness, creating something uniquely they're own. If anyone wants to hear a sampling, let me know, and I'll gladly pour some sugar in your bowl... : - ).

Earlier, I visited galleries with Thomas and met Morgan Friedman, the ingenious sui generis behind Overheard In New York and many other clever web ideas. Checkout his main page as well, a treasure trove of delightful miscellany, including etymologies, Simpsons quotes, Borges poetry, and his new Cyranet, greeting cards for every situation that "say what you think, with the wit that you don't have" : - ) At left, Pheobe Washburn's shantytown-like wood-block collage-sculptures, inspired by Rio de Janeiro's favelas. It closed yesterday. But check out her site.

Even earlier, had breakfast with Jon, just back from China and Vietnam, and basking in the pleasures of grad school and an increasingly likely Kerry victory (yes!). Jon is both a passionate Democrat and an independent mind that thinks out of the box, something sorely lacking in both parties. He is wisely pursuing a masters in international relations and public policy at NYU.

Spanish Sunday / Domingo en Castellano

Un fin de semana muy divertido hasta ahora. Anoche fuimos a ver a Supergrass, un cuarteto ingles de rock melódico, conocidísimo en tierra suya, pero casi desconocido acá. Asi que estuvimos (con Thomas) a 6 metros de músico que llenan estadios en Europa. Y qué buenos.. Con menos de 28 años, ya van 4 CD excelentes y una década en gira. Combinan influencias diversas, desde John Lennon y los Stones hasta los años 80s. Por la tarde, dimos una vuelta por las galerías de Chelsea, donde vimos la escultura-collage de Pheobe Washburn, con bloques de madera, que interepreta las favelas de Rio (la foto está arriba, con las de Supergrass). Y conocí por fin a Morgan, el amigo de Thomas que redacta un site de diálogo sorprendente escuchado por las calles, tiendas, y subtes de NY. Morgan, tal como Thomas y yo, pasó una temporada en Argentina y su site es bilingüe y hasta tiene una poema de Borges. Con cariño - Aaron

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