Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Open Up, Open Up, New York

Mark Your Calendars. This weekend is "Open House New York," when many places normally off-limits to visitors open their doors; others merely drop their fees. Attractions include seeing the edge of the High Line, that defunct elevated rail and park-in-waiting, as well as Chelsea lofts, design institutes (near left)Loisaida's Eldridge St Synagogue, tour of St John the Divine, Lux Studios, Fireboat, High Bridge Watertower (middle), and that Library Tower in the Village you've always wanted to see (far left).

Busy week. Asked what's new, only work comes to mind.. Must change that... Might see a movie tonight as a Deba-ternative. Andres, my ex, who lives in Argentina, is headed for Paraguay this weekend - his half-sister's getting married. Andres' life would make a good Dickens novel. Check out picture of moi on Thomas' blog - from Saturday's gallery hop.


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