Monday, October 18, 2004

Hotel Hotel, Lounge Lounge

In a midtown hotel room (Omni at 52nd & 5th), I spent Saturday morning and afternoon making Venezuelan executives rehearse for a marathon of 24/7 presentations next week. I also improvised question and answer sessions to give them practice at that. I was reduced to lunching on cashews from the room's 'frigobar'...

Worked until 11pm Friday night doing the same...

But this is clearly the most important project of the year. We need a hit to really lauch our business... Cross your fingers, my friends...

Late afternoon Saturday I joined Bart and Ashley for a delightful high British tea at the St Regis. They both looked lovely in formal wear - Ashley was off to a gala museum function afterwards. As you can see in the picture, luxury teas are served with scones, jams, miniature sandwiches, and gourmet miniature cakes, cookies, and other scrumptious confections, arranged on three levels of a shiny silver plate-holder..

Check your diet at the door.... : - )

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