Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Blowkay By Me

Cheer Youself Up and Help the Democrats & Forces Of Good: Buy It, Buy It.... I've been giggling all weekend reading "Future Dictionary Of America," in which 200 great writers, artists, and musicians fight the power via the funny bone, "imagining America's language sometime in the future when all or most of the country's problems are solved and the present government is a distant memory."

blowkay [bloh'-kay] adj. of an attitude that elected officials who have sexual relations outside of marriage while in office are less deserving of impeachment that officials whose lame decisions lead to the loss of human life. ex: "Folks say the new senator is a skirt chaser, but as long as he doesn't send thousands of Americans off to die in a war on false pretenses, he's blowkay by me."

Your $28 contribution also gets you the Future Soundtrack Of America, with great music by 20 artists as diverse as REM, Fountains Of Wayne, Long Winters, and my namesake, OK Go!.

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