Saturday, September 11, 2004

Scissor Sisters Homecoming Hits A New High

Amazingly talented and charismatic to begin with, the Scissor Five just get better. And more energized, in their playing, signing, and bonding with their foot-stomping, arm-waving, mostly gay audience. Their charm is being ironic, quirky, and fabulous but also heartfelt, sincere, and sweet. They never do the same concert twice. Back in their beloved New York for the third time over year on the road, European superstars but still a growing cult band here, they were rightfully greeted as homecoming heroes. After one song I just put away the camera - we just wanted to bop and dance, and that we did...

It was hard to get an unblocked, still picture. This one at least gives you an idea what guitarist/producer BabyDaddy and frontman Jake Shears look like, and how they connect.

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