Monday, September 13, 2004

Once Around The Block - Part One

Wow! Did Hurricane Frances reach Chelsea last Sunday while I was sleeping? : - ) Lately I've been hitting the street practically right out of bed on weekends, soaking up the morning sun with a latte, my mp3 player, stubble, and slept-on poindexter-type hair formations. The streets are nearly empty at 9am on Sunday morning... Some of neighbors are probably still dancing somewhere, or worse... : - ) I'm a blue-state boy, and the outpouring of anti-Bush creativity here warms the cockles of my heart (see photo below). I wonder how Bill Clinton's cockles are.. probably clogged. no more steamers, movie popcorn...

For some unexplained reason, somebody affixed a cooked ham to the posts of a local church gate. Atavistic ritual sacrifice? Abandoned leftovers? You be the judge! Note the flies on the smaller slice. Yuck.

Now this is Wicked:

Grim Reaper Humor:

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