Thursday, September 16, 2004

The Great Beyond?
Or The 'Just OK' Beyond?

You can skip this paragraph if you have no interest in "Six Feet Under." I just watched the final ephisode (spelling intentional) of season 4. SFU is my favorite TV show in 25 years and the first since the 70s I have watched real-time. How did we feel about this season? I'm still digesting it - the show is still very good, but there were fewer amazing moments of emotional truth. The season was not well received critically. A few of the plot twists were hard to believe, including Keith's closety attitude as a bodyguard (he was out as a cop), Brenda's lightning transformation into a stable person and budding therapist, and, most of all, the bit about Lisa's brother-in-law. Do we think he killed Lisa? Why did he kill himself? The acting was astonishing, but it was still so bizarre I thought it was going to be a dream sequence. And why was the daughter Micaela upset before Nate arrived? And why would she have the photo, and send it to David... If you have any thoughts on this, please share them with me! And here's a great article on the topic.

Now, chuckle your head off...:

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