Monday, September 27, 2004

Grease In Dubious Formations (Castle Hassle)

Leery Of Lunch: My floor's head honcho had an inspiration last week: offer his co-workers and floormates a White Castle luncheon feast as a morale booster. I think what got boosted the most was Alka Seltzer usage. Uggh.

Mountains of ghastly square burgers with tart relish and a plastic-like texture. Chicken "rings" which I initially mistook for undercooked onion rings, I think this hymn to deep-frying and chicken-reprocessing is what White Castle counts as a "health offering"

Grease-saturated wax paper in corrugated cartons offered us Mozzarella sticks, fish and cheese sandwiches, undercooked french fries... Vive le Salad Bar, baby!

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