Tuesday, September 07, 2004


File Under: "Why didn't I do this sooner?" I finally visited MOMA QNS, Museum of Modern Art's temporary digs in Queens on Labor Day Monday. At Thomas' wise suggestion, I feasted by senses on the banquet of visionary skyscrapter architecture in models and computer-generated images that is "Tall Buildings." Featured are 25 mammoth buildings, both finished, underway, and shelved. If you're in or near NYC, don't miss this - it closes Sept 27. MOMA QNS is in Sunnyside, and is easier to get to from Chelsea than the Met at 81st & 5th - literally 25 minutes door to door, via the 1 and the 7. See it!

This is Shanghai's Pagoda-like Jin Mao tower, 1350 feet and 88 stories, with pagoda-like structure and motifs in octagonal sweep. I saw this building close up while touring there with my Mom in August 2002.

And this is Beijing's future Central Chinese Television Tower, recently designed with projected completion in 2008. It's a novel continuous loop of a structure, with a central cavity. The concept is one of permanent interconnection, 'to promote solidarity rather than isolation, collaboration instead of opposition.' I like it.

For your amusement:

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