Thursday, September 30, 2004

Friday On My Mind....

And here's New Dehli's Jama Masjid, literally Friday Mosque, India's largest. Surprisinly, the top attractions in India's capital are all Moslem, simply because the city was never ruled by Hindus until 1948 and independence. It was built by the Moslem Moguls, who ruled until the British came in. I was there in 2001, and saw female Westerners with sheets covering their bare arms and legs. Under the Mosque's portico, I saw sleeping transients woken up with the billy club of a nasty Indian policeman. During my visit, a week before the WTC attack, my hotel was hosting the state's annual gourmet cooking festival, and I set out to eat the slowest, most scrumptious meal of my life, with some success.

And now for some humor, including a cartoon...

Onion 1 - From the Onion Archives of my favorite feature, “What Do YOU Think?
Question 1: “The National Sleep Foundation recently announced that American children are not getting enough sleep. What do you think?”
Answer 1: "It's no surprise. The obese often have trouble sleeping."

Question 2: "Decried as gas-guzzling road hazards, SUVs are also under fire for supporting terrorism by increasing U.S. dependence on Mideast oil. What do you think?”
Answer 2: "Yes, the average U.S. automobile has doubled in weight since 1990, but so has the average U.S. citizen."

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