Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Look Out Below!

Flocks of police converge nervously on our street corners. Helicopters hover menacingly in the air. Onlookers of every stripe gawk as a quarter million protesters welcome the RNC into deep deep blue country.. Early yesterday morning (left) police had already set up tight control my busy corner of 23rd and 8th. The graffiti below pretty much sums up New York's reaction to the invasion of our space - and threat to our security - posed by Bush & Co.

To my horror, as I lifted the screen to better photograph a sea of protesters coming up 23rd St last night, the screen fell out of my hands and wafted down ten stories, landing at the feet of several puzzled pedestrians. With visions of lawsuits snatching away my beleaguered nest egg (false alarm - whew), I scrambled, trying to gather my keys, my pants, and my composure, and flew into the elevator, out of the building, andaround the corner to retreive my grimy, disgusting screen window.

A lefty protester hugs his homemade picket sign...

I tried to photograph the march from my window, seconds before losing my screen. The results below show that I have a lot to learn, indeed, about night distance photography. Time to go manual and study the wonders of aperture and shutter speed...

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