Wednesday, July 28, 2004

This is AT&T® 23rd Street...
...Next stop, Microsoft® 14th Street?

Bewitched, broke, and bewildered, New York's transportation authority MTA is planning to plug their $1 billion deficit by seeking corporate sponsorship of subway stops and even transportation hubs! Which is more disturbing, a $3 subway fare or boarding a train at Reebok® Grand Central Station? I guess I'd have to choose the latter, groaning, rather than incresae the already heavy burden on NYC's low-wage earners. NY Times had a good article on this yesterday, too.

Fun facts: 1) More Americans ride NY's MTA in 11 weeks than take airplanes in an entire year. 2) Every 3 years NY's MTA moves the entire population of the earth - 6 billion rides!

Spot quiz - e-mail me your guess of how many women senators we have, how many women in the House of Representatives, and what percentage of state legislators are women... I'll post the closest guesser, and the actual answer, on Friday...

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