Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Take Me Down To Martha's Farm

Rolling hills, winding dirt roads, huge tracts of land, classic American homes... Such are my impressions of Pound Ridge, NY and environs, during a lovely drive around the area with my Pound-Ridge-ian friends, Kevin and Stephen, who I visited on Monday. Many celebrities call this area home, among them a recent arrival named Martha Stewart, whose 'farm' we drove by. This amalgamation of century-old farmsteads resembles at first glance a historical restoration, a la Old Sturbridge Village. Oddly, what looks like the newly-built main residence is right near the fence. You'd think she'd have put it far away from curious eyes, being a recent project and all. Or, perhaps this gargantuan stone mosaic building is actually a guest house or even a barn. Later, we passed a residential community more suggestive of Martha's immediate future: the Taconic Women's Correctional Facility. : - ) It did look odd, surrounded by high fence of barbed wire, amid the placid and tony surroundings.

Check out the fake Bill Clinton blog. Very cute. : - ) I wish he really would start a blog.

Stop The Presses, Part 2 : - )

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