Friday, July 09, 2004


If hefty people have heft, and pithy sayings have pith, why shouldn't nifty sayings have "nift"? On that note, my quotes du jour:

"A meeting is a place where the minutes are kept, but the hours are lost" - anonymous

"If your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt it!" - some businessman quoted on Bloomberg screen last week

Today: 3 meetings, scramble to Heathrow, plane to Paris, and midnight reunion w Denis and Christian on beautiful Quai de Valmy. This is where the French movie icon Arletty made her famous 'atmosphere' speech (after her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend told her 'I need to change my atmosphere, and my atmosphere is you.') Arletty is the star of the epic "Children of Paradise" from 1945, which is France's equivalent of "Gone With The Wind" for its sweep, romance, and splendor. Btw, the picture above is from TopLeftPixel, one of my favorite photoblogs.

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