Tuesday, July 27, 2004


I spotted this lady on the subway last night, sporting foot-long curlicue gray fingernails adorned with stripes and other patterns, on one hand only. Throwing shyness and courtesy to the wind, I grabbed for my camera and snapped. Photography really makes you tune in to the world around you, which in New York is filled with oddity and wonder.

Denis and Christian arrive from Paris tomorrow night! From tomorrow to Labor Day, continuously, I'll either have visitors, be on vacation, or both. I've split my vacation into two one-week pieces, bracketed by weekends. I head west with Denis and Christian for the first leg, Aug 6-15, to search for America's soul on a meandering route from Utah to San Francisco, stopping at four national parks and Las Vegas. My Mom arrives the day I return, and I leave one week later (TBD, probably Europe and driving a stick shift) while she and her friend Harriet stay at my place and enjoy a NY holiday. Can you remember all that? : - )

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