Thursday, July 15, 2004

Lucy In The Field With Flowers

I love Lucy. Boston's amazing Museum Of Bad Art (MOBA) began with this attempt at painting gone awry...No obvious Bad Art in this collection, such as Elvis or puppy dogs on velvet: MOBA accepts only ingenious Bad Art. Basically, competent painters having a very bad day, or that took a major wrong turn...

MOBA provokes hilarity by brilliantly satirizing museum-speak and art criticism! For example, describing "Lucy":

"The motion, the chair, the sway of her breast, the subtle hues of the sky, the expression on her face -- every detail combines to create this transcendent and compelling portrait, every detail cries out "masterpiece.""

"As with all great art, extended viewing reveals endless layers of mysteries: What is Norman Mailer's head doing on an innocent grandma's body, and are those crows or F-16's skimming the hills? "

MOBA can be found in the basement of the Deadham's Community Theater in surburban Boston, conveniently located just outside the men's room...

p.s. Bill Clinton boogies down with Kevin Spacey at a London gay club, and later provokes mayhem at a London straight club, in the July 14th post of his fake blog.

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