Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Kaleidoscope Spin Cycle

Quote of the Day
"Hey, I'm a simple man. I may not be able to point out Canada on a map but I know one thing ... It has too many bears" - Ted Nugent, singer-songwriter and Michigan luminary : - )

My sleep-deprived brain feels like a Kaleidoscope Spin Cycle... Why is Stevie Nicks doing chiropractor advertisements? :- ) ... hmmm 'hmmm' in Russian is 'gmmm.' I'm gearing up for another marathon day with the lawyers, the bankers, and the endless proofreading and bickering over semantics. High up on the 35th floor, looking south over East Midtown. The view out the panoramic window includes the tippy top of the UN and the pasted-on ornament that tops 350 Park Ave (could only find a picture of what it used to look like, see below), my very first workplace 22 years ago. ABBA would pronounce ago with an accent on the 'o.' I always found ABBA's cluelessness about English tonic stress to be one of their charms.

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