Wednesday, July 14, 2004

How To Fight Loneliness

I'm still enjoying the Fake Bill Clinton Blog, which is gently funny, picturing him as slightly depressed and lonely, on the road promoting his book. It's kind of like how I'd feel if I were him... Here's an excerpt:

"I feel pretty lonely. With all my friends, my supporters, Hillary and Chelsea, I feel all alone, because all these people are connected with the politician Bill Clinton, not with me personally. How many friends do I have? How many people like me? Tony Robbins is right. It's over. I need to put politics behind me. Problem is, I am politics. If I have to move on, I'll have to start from scratch. All of a sudden, I'm 57 and I'm nobody and I have nobody. When I look around right now, I see the security guard leaning back in his chair. He notices me and gives me a disinterested look back. I see the housekeeper cleaning the window. The look on her face tells me she'd rather be somewhere else. I see the spots she left on the window. I know I'll have to talk to her about her work pretty soon and I know she's so beaten by decades of hard manual labor, she won't even care if I fire her or not. "

Quotes Of The Day:

"Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals, dying of nothing." - Red Foxx
"Today, we will settle this Indian problem." - George Armstrong Custer

Happy Bastille Day, Denis and Christian!!!

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