Saturday, July 31, 2004

Free Entertainment Of The Third Kind

I love "Overheard In New York," a wonderful site by Morgan Friedman I check daily for funny and bizarre dialogue overheard around town. Best of all are hilarious title/responses Morgan thinks up for each entry. Here are recent samples:

1. How About "We Don't Try to Conquer Europe"?
German tourist: You can't smoke inside and you can't drink outside. What the hell do you people do in New York City?

2. Swing Low Sweet Chariots
Teen girl #1: I hate you. Your boobs are always so cute and perky!
Teen girl #2: Yeah, but when I'm not wearing a bra, they're like...down to my navel.

3. Sausage Fest Y2K4
Man #1: I am getting ready to throw my annual party soon.
Man #2: Dude, just remember to invite women this year.

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