Saturday, July 17, 2004

36 Hours In The City Of Light

My friend Denis, taken last weekend in Paris.  My blog server's best new feature makes it much easier for me to post my own photos here.  I no longer have to go through the intermediate step of loading the photo first to my web page. 

Sun, Summer, Saturday Morning...  Outside I go, shortly, for a gallery hop and a long-dreamed of elevated adventure (details to follow, if I pull it off). 

I found an amazing art site, Insecula, that lets you comfortably browse some great Paris and New York museums, inlcuding Orsay, Pompidou, the Met, and MoMA.  Collections are very complete, images are nice and large, and downloading is easy (except for the tiny Insecula copyright in the corner of each artwork). Well worth checking out!  In addition to art, there's plenty of architecture and monuments, including over a hundred pictures of Cambodia's immense Angkor Wat, which I hobbled through on crutches in January 2003.

More Paris pictures:

Denis and Chrisitian's building faces the romantic Canal St Martin:

Denis works in a palatial building on Avenue Montaigne, with his office on second floor center. Yes, the one with the balcony! Evita, Evita....  : - )

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