Sunday, June 20, 2004

The Longest Day

Happy Summer Solistice, Everyone!!! We New Yorkers are reveling in today's 15.1 hours of sunlight and 16.3 hours of visible light, that's as long as a New York Day will ever get... Up at St John the Divine's there's a Summer Solistice festival, it's among today's possible forays. I want to digisnap myself some more art to savor as background slide shows on my wide computer screen, so I may hit the Met, by way of Central Park. And, best of all, dinner with my dear pal Bart, somewhere near slope of Park...

More about !!! (pictured left relaxing)... What an exciting band! It's an 8-person ensemble and some are multi-instrumental, so there can be up to 4 percussionists, 2 guitarrist, a bass player, a keyboardist, and 2 horn players... Lead vocalist Ric Offer is a shaggy-haired, hunky, agit-prop of a jumping bean, his growling, gravely, but energetic chanting suggests Lou Reed freaking out on speed... : - ) They embody the dancepunk movement, and they make you shake your butt to hyper-urgent politically-themed grooves, which flesh themselves out over 6,7,8, even 9 minutes, shifting angles, exploring textures, and building in cathartic intensity. "There's Bush's America, and the America of the rest of us. But don't worry, we're gonna get it back!," yelped Offer, to thunderous clapping and footstomping as he launched into "Pardon My Freedom," followed by their signature song, "Me And Giuliani Down By The Schoolyard (A True Story)." Odd invitation: "Come to our afterparty, but not unless you're drenched in sweat and cum..."

Finally, more art from yesterday's gallery hop...

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