Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Intimate And Intense

Kelly's play, "Boy", is wonderful and so is his performance! Don't miss it! Riveting acting, directing, and dialogue make this interpersonal and thematic puzzle of a play into something really compelling. The title character, known only as Boy (photo far left), has fled Iowa for Minneapolis after a traumatic event, on a collision course with a psychiatrist, an English professor, and an unsuccessful thirtysomething creative type (played by Kelly, see black & white photo at left) who he met on the internet. We peel the truth from these characters like an onion, and get ever closer to the emotional bones of the story. That's all I can say without spoilers. Just see it before it closes at the end of the month! Here are three good reviews: CurtainUp.com, TheatreMania.com, and NYTheatre.com. It's at Primary Stages, (212)279-4200, www.primarystages.com.

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