Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Come On And Roll Out The Barrel

I'm sick of writing about my business trip, so let's have a barrel of fun! : - ) I turn your attention to Time magazine's 50 Nifty Websites You Should Check Out.Some of my personal favorites: Baby Name Popularity by Decade and Year (Aaron is as popular now as Thomas and Robert!), Dead Or Alive which confirms whether a given celebrity has checked out, and has a list of living celebrities over 90! (among the living: King Kong victim Fay Wray, 97, Brasilia creator Oscar Niemeyer, 96, Green Acres' Eddie Albert, 96, Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal, 95, and keeper of the US economy Milton Friedman,91 ), and National Geographic's One Stop Research, endless fun with plants, animals, fish, and rocks.

Changing brands. The website list singled out some recently improved, better mousetraps for news updates (www.news.google.com), maps (maps.yahoo.com) and reference material (refdesk.com). Pictured above: the world's oldest citizen, Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper of Holland, who turned 114 yesterday. I'm off to Boston at noon, more presentations through tomorrow and then two days of hanging out with my pal Erik Andersen. Happy half-year mark!

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