Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Oil Slick

It's Suit and Tie time... Formal function on today's calendar from 12-2.. I get to hear the spellbinding CEO of Venezuela's state oil company address the scintillating topic: "Venezuelan Energy Sector: Past and Future Of the Venezuelan Oil Industry." This opus will be served with lunch at the Cambridge Room of the Harvard Club. Now, I wonder what the Trachtenberg Family Players could do with these slides... : - )

Last weekend I watched "Umberto D," the 1952 Italian classic about an impoverished old man's fight to hold on to dignity in a society that no longer has any use for him. Marvelous movie, centered by a gifted non-actor and stark black and white visuals of a crumbling, war-torn, poverty-stricken Italy during the post-war years.Director De Sica really got the emotions right. You can see the pained and akward looks on the faces of Umberto's friends when he mentions his money woes. The scene at the dog pound is also devastating. Next on my Netflix list is "Close Encounters," which I'm 1/2 hour into and still not very engaged... More to come...

Here's the Harvard Club Building, in case you were wondering.

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