Sunday, May 09, 2004

Madre, Hay Una Sóla

That's an Argentine Tango that translates as "you only have one Mom" - Happy Mother's Day My Mom is 2,400 miles away in Phoenix, but we will celebrate belatedly in 3 weeks, since I have invited her along for my stick-shift-driving Iceland adventure Memorial Day weekend. So what to do today? Hmmm (or Gmmm, as they say in Russian). Watch a few DVDs (I have Umberto D and Dr Strangelove out from Netflix). Definitely go out for fresh air. Listen to lots of music. Read about the metals and mining industry (my homework). Btw, I was really knocked out by the Spanish film "Open Your Eyes," a mind-bending existential parable about a womanizing rich kid who's disfigured in an accident, the movie Hollywood remade with Tom Cruise as "Vanilla Sky." Full report later. The photo is by MusedPixedFlake, one of my favorite photobloggers. I realized I haven't done Galería in a while. Maybe later. Cheery-o...

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