Sunday, May 02, 2004

Into The Wild Blue Yonder

Off I go, on a whirlwind two-day two-country three-interview trip. I've spent most of day preparing after spending most of yesterday lying down in order to recuperate. All that sleep definitely helped. Here's where I'm headed:

Aaron Geek Watch: This will be my 24th trip to South America, my 42nd trip to Latin America, and my 78th Foreign Trip, where I have spent 16 months, 19 months, and 34 months, respectively. I have also travelled 21 times to Europe (8 months total), 18 times to Mexico (3 1/2 months), 7 times to Asia (2 1/2 months), 4 times to the Middle East (3 months), 5 times to Canada (1 1/2 months), and once to Sub-Saharan Africa for 1 week. By country, Mexico leads with 18 visits, followed by Brazil with 17, Argentina with 13, and France with 10. If we rank by days spent per country, Argentina leads wiht 279 days, then Brazil with 115, Mexico with 103, France with 96, Chile with 70, and Israel with 60. Hope you have enjoyed the statistics. Statistics have an appealing tangibility, solidity, and reliability when compared to the murky terrain of human interaction and endeavor. : - ) Let's talk soon. Love, Aaron.

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