Friday, May 14, 2004

Happy Birthday Doug!

Wherever you are... Which is probably London, but could even be Moscow or Alma-Aty... Here's a picture of Doug relaxing last year among the Karen people in the hills of Northern Thailand...

Back In The High Life Again! I'm happy to report that Hertz Rental Corporation has restored my rental privileges! I'm no longer a Hertz pariah! Yahoo! I'm so glad I fought back and defended my rights by hiring a lawyer. There's a object lesson here. What a great way to end a week!

Hey, Hey, We're The Trachenbergs! I'm going to Williamsburgh tonight, to NorthSix, to check out the Trachenberg Family Players, who, in their own words, "are an indie-vaudeville conceptual art-rock pop band that takes vintage slide collections that have been found at estate sales,garage sales,thrift stores,etc., and turn the lives of annonymous strangers into pop-rock musical exposes based on the contents of these slide collections." It sounds like enormous fun. Full report later.

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