Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Bogotired... : - ) I spent six hours with a beer company. The plant was interesting, huge, ultramodern, and clean, with 60 enormous fermenting vats and a whole hanger full of bottle-filling and bottle-capping machines, very cute. We drove 30 miles north of Bogotá to get there through the 'Savannah'. Then, lunch at "Café Reault," a showroom turned fancy shmancy restaurant, with two full size Renaults among the tables. I had the Robespierre, cubes of steak in brown pepper gravy, served on a bed of mixed lettuce with rich vineagrette dressing. I also had a lite Aguila beer, and earlier I tried a non-alcoholic malt beverage. Now I have 8 hours to kill before my flight, and it's rainy and nasty out. Sightseeing? Not sure yet. Their only NY flights leave at 9am, noon, and 11:59pm redeye. Will be happy to get home.

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