Monday, May 17, 2004

And It All Came Together...
Dad Sang Along

The Trachtenberg Family Players are an unusual act, to say the least! Their 'concept' is writing rock songs, even 'operas', based on slide shows rescued from garage sales and the garbage.
"OPNAD," for example, celebrates a 1978 McDonald's management conference in song! Daddy Jason Trachtenberg is the lyricist, keyboardist, guitarist, lead singer, and MC. His wife Tina mans the slide projector. Their spunky 10-year old daughter Rachel is a very convincing drummer and sings, too.

Friday my friend Thomas and I caught their act at Northsix in Williamsburgh. That journey in itself merits a posting. We saw their excellent "revue" in which they stood on stage and cooked tortillas for the audience (from Maseca Corn Meal) and introduced their five quirky and clever musical warm-up acts, mostly very good. About 70-80 people attended, seated in varying degrees of comfort on bleachers and the floor.

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