Friday, April 16, 2004

The Virgin Mary's Retirement Home

Far From Florida...
... on Turkey's Western Coast, facing Greece, Jesus's Mom lived out her final days in a little stone house. After Jesus was crucified, John the Apostle quickly got Mary out of Palestine for her own safety, settling her in a quiet little spot about 80 miles from Ephesus, which was the largest Roman city in the Eastern Mediterrean (and the best preserved). Erik and I visited Ephesus, and Mary's cottage, during our April 2002 Turkey vacation.

Silly Aaron...... tried to imitate the pilgrims that tear their clothing and tie it to the Virgin Mary's fence. Unwiling to tear my clothes, I removed my left sock and tied that instead. The result was both a smelly fence and a very very cold left foot marching around Turkey's 40F April. Happy Friday, everyone!

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