Thursday, April 22, 2004

Oops... Which Way Is China? : - )

Good thing I talked to Christi...
I mentioned Tuesday that my 7900-mile cross-country trip was longer than driving through a hole dug to China. Talking to Christi about diameters and such, it became apparent that my tunnel would end on the Indian Ocean floor, drowning me and floating my clueless cadaver right back to New York....

So how far can you get away from New York? About 12,400 miles, that's how far. This is roughly half the earth's circumference, and travelling to this point should land you in the Indian Ocean, 800 miles Southwest of Perth, a city on Australia's west coast. Perth (see picture) is as far as you can fly from New York without leaving the planet, and on Quantas it takes 22-23 hours, via Sydney, not including the layover. The Perth area is known as Australia's "Sunset Coast," click here for pictures.

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