Tuesday, April 20, 2004

My Next Stop…

Black and White Memories… As one of the first TV shows to ever make me think, “The Twilight Zone” made a huge impression on my growing young brain. It’s aged well, too, due to its brilliant writing, acting, and direction. I am really enjoying the 8-DVD set of restored “Twilight Zone” episodes that I bought myself on a whim and received yesterday. The first one I watched, about an old lady hiding from death, features an extremely young (and hot) Robert Redford before he was famous. You may also like to know that the episodes are 25 minutes long without commercials, and that the series was known in Latin America as “The Unknown Zone” or “La Zona Desconocida"…..

p.s. On Sunday my blog passed the three-month mark! Later, I'll tell you about the other blogging Holsberg...

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