Sunday, April 25, 2004

Mom pointed out that the 1990 picture of her and Dad posted Saturday wasn't my Dad's last Father's Day, which was spent on a day trip from New York to relatives near Boston. Still, it was a nice family day, in Chinatown and I think South Street Seaport, at the time still a novelty here.

My dear friend Bart invited me tonight on the spur of the moment to see two new plays by Terrence McNally. More on that tomorrow. Last week Bart and I saw "Between Us" (pictured above), a searing and riveting look at the marriages of two art school friends and how they change. I was spellbound, but the Times critic thought it was a pale Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolff knock-off. To each their own. While walking along the Central Park edge to the subway, near the many horses and buggies, we could smell the Republican platform : - ) Have a good night. I sure wish this weekend were just starting....

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